Admission Information



December Applications Available for upcoming School Year. Pick up applications at any school campus.
January 10 – February 23, 2017 Designated Application Period – Submit your completed application at any school campus by 2pm on February 23.
February 28th LOTTERY HELD. Families notified of acceptance or wait list status.
February 23 Applications accepted and placed on the wait list behind applications submitted during the designated application period.

June 15

Families notified of acceptance or wait list status.

Last day to submit applications for upcoming school year.


We encourage you to visit both our campuses. School personnel are eager to introduce you to our warm, vibrant, nurturing community of learners and our unique Montessori program.

Lumin East Dallas Community School

(214)824- 8950

Jackie Montoya

Lumin Lindsley Park Community School

(214) 321-9155

Laura Santillan



How good of a chance do I stand for admission if I live outside the service area?

Each year our admission situation differs. We aim to balance our ratio of three-, four-, and five-year-olds in each primary class. We never know exactly how many students within the service area will apply. We always do have students admitted from outside the service area, but that number can vary greatly, depending upon the pool of applicants and our current student openings.

How does it get determined if my four-year-old can stay until 3:00?

This decision is strictly made by the student’s teacher and school director. One of the many beauties of a Montessori education is that our schools are structured to meet each child’s own individual needs and timetable for development. We strive to meet each child where they are. Therefore, when the child is deemed ready, both academically and emotionally/socially, the teacher and school director will meet with the parent. If all are in agreement then a decision will be made to move the child towards increased work time and a longer school day or to keep the child in his/her current situation.

Do I apply to one school or both? Does it help to express preference?

You will apply to both schools at one time on the common application. You may express preference for one school if you wish, but in order to maximize your chances of acceptance we will offer you a spot at the first available school. If you wish to decline that spot, you may, and your name can remain on the wait list for the other school.

When must my child turn three in order for her/him to be admitted into the 3-year-old program?

Children must be three years of age by September 1 of the school year, in order to be considered for admission into the primary age classroom (3 – 6yrs).

Are toddlers able to enroll in the school’s additional programs?

There are no before or after care programs available for children under 3 years old, other than the 3-hour classroom session.

Do students in the infant toddler program gain automatic acceptance into the charter school at age 3?

No. The toddler program is a private program and the charter school program is public and separate. Toddler students must apply and enter the lottery for charter admission. Siblings of currently enrolled charter school students and those within the service area are given priority.

How does the lottery work?

Admission is by lottery, drawn in late February from applications submitted during the “designated application period” between January 7 – February 21. (see calendar below). Only completed applications will be considered for the lottery. (see checklist below.)

Once all openings have been filled, a waiting list is developed by lottery from the remaining applications that were submitted during the designated application period.

After the lottery, new applications are accepted and placed on the waiting list behind applications submitted during the designated application period.

Names are randomly drawn (with the help of staff and parent participants) for each age category. Every child is given a number. For each age grouping, children are chosen to enroll, based on need. We begin by calling the child that is ‘1’ and proceed down the list until enrollment needs are met. All other children continue to be on the waiting list and are called, should a space become available.

What are the chances of my kindergartener or elementary age child getting admitted?

Most of the children enter the school at age 3 or 4. There are usually 10 – 12 slots available for children K-3rd grade.