Your Generosity = Success: Meet a Lumin Graduate!

Jodie Orogun is a 2015 graduate of Lumin East Dallas Community School. Today, she is the president of her fifth grade class at Thomas Aquinas Catholic School and one of several students to recently compete in and win the school’s spelling bee competition. This past holiday season, Jodie was preparing to represent her fifth grade class in the all-around Thomas Aquinas spelling bee championship, which with continued success could lead her to the Scripps National Bee Championship in Washington, D.C.

“Jodie is an average “A” student,” said Patience Orogun, Jodie’s mom, who credits Lumin Education with helping her instill important values in Jodie at an early age.

“The teachers and directors at Lumin helped me to see that Jodie is something more precious than silver and A Picture of Successgold and that I needed to give it my all to nurture her,” Patience continued.

“Today, Jodie plays the piano, sings; she is a beautiful painter of art pictures and has a purple belt in karate.”

Jodie’s exposure to Lumin’s Montessori classroom is very evident in her life. She is naturally motivated and feels liberated to try new things at her own pace—even when they are challenging. That she is thriving today comes as no surprise considering the solid foundation she received in Lumin’s classrooms.

Since Lumin’s inception in 1978, our goal has always been to prove that all children, regardless of race or income, can succeed in school when we start young and involve parents. Jodie is proof that we are reaching our goal, but her incredible story would not be possible without your generosity.  

Your support makes success stories like Jodie’s possible and our goal at Lumin is to help as many children like her reach their fullest potential.  

We invite you to join us in making a lasting impact in the lives of more students like Jodie. Click here to make a secure on-line gift.


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