Lumin Education Open House (PHOTOS)

Lumin Education held an open house Saturday February 7th. Parents came from all throughout the neighborhood to learn about the school and the Montessori Method.


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Lumin Education Open House: February 7, 2015

Lumin Education will hold an Open House for the public February 7, 2015 from 9-11 a.m. at 7130 Lindsley Avenue in Dallas.

The Open House is an opportunity for prospective parents and the public to learn about the educational programs offered by Lumin Education, tour the Lumin Lindsley Park campus and learn about the enrollment process.

Lumin Education is an early childhood learning center with programs to meet the needs of children from birth to age nine.

Lumin Education’s programs include nationally recognized early childhood development and parent education programs based on the Montessori philosophy.

The school was founded in 1978 for the specific purpose of transforming education by starting young, involving parents, and creating leaning environments to inspire children from diverse cultural and economic backgrounds.

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Lumin Education Wins Statewide Video Contest

Lumin Education wins statewide video contest with their “I Love My Charter School” video . The winners were announced at the 2014 Texas Charter School Conference.

The video features children from Lumin Education’s East Dallas and Lindsley Park campuses.

Stuart Williams, Director of Development at Lumin, accepted the award at the conference (pictured above).

Arlington Classics Academy and Ford Worth Academy of Fine Arts won the popular vote and Lumin Education won the Judges’ vote.

Haven’t seen it yet?

Click here to view or watch it below

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Diaper Drive, Benefitting Our Bachman Lake Families

Join us, along with Diapers 4 Change, in supporting our Bachman Lake families with a diaper drive.

The diaper drive ends December 10!

Ways to give

  1. Drop off diapers at Lumin Education campuses:
    1. East Dallas: 924 Wayne St., Dallas, TX 75223
    2. Lindsley Park: 7130 Lindsley Ave., Dallas, TX 75223
    3. Bachman Lake: 3108 Valley Meadow Dr. #E110, Dallas, TX 75220
  2. Email to arrange for diaper pick-up: moc.sirroMettenoDnull@ettenoD
  3. Donate through – moc.sirroMettenoDnull@ettenoD
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