Bachman Lake Interim Director, Susan Hamilton, Writes Op-Ed for Dallas Morning News

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While political divisions more and more often resemble chasms, one issue seems to be transcending right and left, red and blue: the importance of universal pre-K for 4-year-olds.

President Barack Obama cited it in his State of the Union address. New York City has just received $300 million from the state for programs throughout the city. Conservative states like Arkansas and my home state of Texas have set up programs regarded as models for the nation.

But an important fact is lost in this laudable push: Without proper preparation, pre-K is too late.

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Rock Around the Block: A Lumin Education Mother’s Day Event

Celebrate mom and bring the family to Lumin Education for an afternoon of fun and excitement.    There will be food, prizes, a bounce house, face painting… and it’s all free.

The event will be held at Lumin Education’s East Dallas campus, on the southeast corner of Wayne St. and Gurley Ave.

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In Case You Haven’t Heard… We Changed Our Name!

In case you haven’t heard the exciting news about East Dallas Community Schools … Our new name is now Lumin Education!

For 36 years, we’ve provided a life-changing education to children from diverse cultures in low-income neighborhoods of Dallas. And we will continue to so. The only major change is our name and logo. We’ve changed the name for the following reasons:

  • Expansion — Ever since we expanded outside of the East Dallas area, we’ve been searching for a more suitable name. Now we’re planning for additional expansion and our current name would have been even more confusing.
  • Identity — Our current three campuses all have “Community School” in their names, but people don’t realize these schools are part of the same organization. The name Lumin Education readily links all our campuses together. It will help parents and friends across the city realize that these schools represent a single, highly successful, educational program that changes children’s lives forever.
  • Meaning — The Latin word Lumen means “light.” We modified the spelling to associate it with “illuminate.” We intend to feature and build on that image. The term Lumin Education embodies our philosophy that all children possess within them a light, enabling and encouraging them to explore the world around them. Our job as educators is to create opportunities for the child to tap into that natural curiosity. For us, Lumin isn’t just a name. It’s an ideal always in our mind – and we want to convey that ideal vividly to our students and their parents and our communities.

LUMIN symbolizes the LIGHT in a child’s eyes when that child discovers something new, or after a major struggle, masters a challenging task!

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Lumin Launch Party (PHOTO GALLERY)

The Lumin Education launch party was a success.

Staff from all three campuses came to celebrate the ringing in of the new name.

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