A special appeal from Executive Director and Founder, Terry Ford.


At what age should education begin for at-risk children?

Answer: As early as possible!

Since 1978, we have operated a uniquely successful early childhood program, focused on parent education and quality classroom instruction.

Why? Because we know that working with both young children and their parents makes a much bigger impact than working with just one generation.

We call the heart of our work with parents and very young children our B4Six Program. B4Six is short for “Before Age Six.” At this stage of life, each person’s brain has the highest capacity for change.

Our B4Six program starts when moms and dads are expecting, helping them to learn good parenting skills before the baby is born. Then from the moment of birth we are partners with the parents in guiding the child’s development. This partnership continues as children move into our classrooms, building a foundation of character and academic skills that they will use the rest of their lives.
This early start and this close partnership with parents are at the very core of everything we do. This is who we are.

In brief, our main ingredients of success are:

  • Whenever possible we guide parents even before the child is born, because the parental role is crucial in the child’s education.
  • We start educating children much younger than traditional schools, at the most important stage of brain development.
  • We make sure that children practice “executive” skills, like taking initiative and delaying gratification.
  • And we emphasize personal character and moral guidance – because an educated mind is wasted without good character

That’s it: Start young, involve parents, set high standards, and work, work, work!

I’m excited to tell you that the results are astonishing…

We’ve tracked our students for years and have seen the amazing power of a quality education early in life. The results speak for themselves…

  • In neighborhoods struggling with poverty, illiteracy, and high dropout rates, Lumin Education third-grade alumni have a high school graduation rate of 95%, with 89% of those graduates attending college.
  • Our third graders perform better on the state reading test than the state average —including students from the wealthiest and most established public schools in the state.

We are now educating over 550 children annually, and we are continually asked to take more children.

This spring, I invite you to make a lasting investment in young children by giving to our B4Six Program. Your gift will set hundreds of children on a course towards success for years to come.

Every dollar you contribute to this request will be devoted exclusively to these early childhood efforts. Each gift will be specifically invested in helping at-risk children from their earliest days of life.

Dollar for dollar it’s the best educational investment you could give a child.

Thank you for your support for a program that is crucial to our mission. These children may not realize it, but their success depends, in large part, on your generosity. Thank you.

Terry N. Ford
Executive Director

P.S. You’re the reason programs like B4Six are able to exist. We’re in need of $100,000 for this program. Thank you so much for your support! If you would like to donate now, scroll to the top of the page and click the ‘donate’ button.



The B4Six Program uses two components to teach both the child and parent. For the parent component we use a nationally acclaimed, research-based curriculum known as Parents As Teachers. For the child component we use a research-based educational approach known around the world as Montessori.

1) Parent Education

Each family is assigned a parent educator. Parent educators act as guides and a resource for parents while at the same time making sure each child is making progress developmentally. The parent educator helps parents put into action practices for healthy communication, building strong relationships, good nutrition, exercise, discipline, engaging in activities that support brain development, and teaching parents new ways to have fun with their children.

By teaching parents to become their child’s first and best teacher, children develop educational and life skills that lead each child on their own path to fulfilling his or her highest potential.

2) Daily Classes for Children Ages 1 to 5

Lumin Education’s Montessori classrooms are designed to inspire children to take initiative, make choices, and learn more than is required. These classroom programs are designed to meet the needs of children from diverse economic and cultural backgrounds. Lumin classrooms demonstrate how children from diverse backgrounds can come together as a community to learn not only academics, but strong values and positive attitudes as well.

Each day toddlers, preschoolers, and kindergarten children enter a multi-age classroom that is uniquely prepared with engaging, hands-on learning materials. A bilingual teaching team guides the toddlers as they learn to button a shirt, clean up after themselves, and use language to express wants and needs. Three- to five-year-olds use specially-designed materials to learn names of countries, begin to write words and sentences, and build math skills.

Video – Children Are Scientists

Video – I Love Lumin Education

Donate to the B4Six Program

Online giving is a safe and simple way to support our school.  Just click on the “donate” button and follow the short easy steps. No account is required to make a donation.  If you have trouble with this form, contact Steven Offield at 214.824.8950 x249 or gro.noitacudEnimuLnull@dleiffO.nevetS

Gifts By Check

If you would like to contribute to our work by giving a monetary donation to Lumin Education, you may mail it to the address below.

Lumin Education
Attn: Development Office
924 Wayne Street
Dallas, TX 75223

Please make checks payable to Lumin Education.


Lumin Education is a non profit 501(c)(3) corporation and is incorporated under the name Lumin Education permit number 75-1612054.

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