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Pregnancy to Age Three (P-3) Home Visiting Program

The Pregnancy to Age Three (P-3) Home Visiting Program offers a multi-faceted, systematic approach to addressing the developmental needs of children from birth to age three, and teaching their parents to be actively and confidently involved in their child’s education. It includes two components:

  1. a Parent Education program based upon the nationally-acclaimed “Parents As Teachers” or “PAT” model
  2. an Infant/Toddler classroom, which serves as a model of early childhood education for the very youngest children

The P-3 Program is part of the B4Six Program.



B4Six Program

The B4Six Program uses two components to teach both the child and parent. For the parent component we use a nationally acclaimed, research-based curriculum known as Parents As Teachers. For the child component we use a research-based educational approach known around the world as Montessori.

1) Parent Education

Each family is assigned a parent educator. Parent educators act as guides and a resource for parents while at the same time making sure each child is making progress developmentally. The parent educator helps parents put into action practices for healthy communication, building strong relationships, good nutrition, exercise, discipline, engaging in activities that support brain development, and teaching parents new ways to have fun with their children.

By teaching parents to become their child’s first and best teacher, children develop educational and life skills that lead each child on their own path to fulfilling his or her highest potential.

2) Daily Classes for Children Ages 1 to 5

Lumin Education’s Montessori classrooms are designed to inspire children to take initiative, make choices, and learn more than is required. These classroom programs are designed to meet the needs of children from diverse economic and cultural backgrounds. Lumin classrooms demonstrate how children from diverse backgrounds can come together as a community to learn not only academics, but strong values and positive attitudes as well.

Each day toddlers, preschoolers, and kindergarten children enter a multi-age classroom that is uniquely prepared with engaging, hands-on learning materials. A bilingual teaching team guides the toddlers as they learn to button a shirt, clean up after themselves, and use language to express wants and needs. Three- to five-year-olds use specially-designed materials to learn names of countries, begin to write words and sentences, and build math skills.



Elementary Program for Children Ages Six to Nine

After completing the B4Six program, students advance to multi-age elementary classes for children in first, second, and third grades. These classes encourage leadership development, active learning, and exploration of the world outside of the classroom.
Children engage in advanced math projects, such as learning about the square and cube roots of numbers. They make use of language in every way: diagramming sentences, labeling the parts of a flower, participating in spelling drills, reciting poetry, reading aloud to younger children, and researching everything from the planets to volcanoes to sports stars to insects.

Children remain with their same teaching team for three consecutive years, so the instruction and guidance they receive is based on a long-term relationship and intimate knowledge of their strengths and weaknesses.


Programs Logos - ReadingReading Program

Part of the Elementary Program is an intense focus on reading. Lumin’s Reading Program includes a comprehensive approach to ensure that no child slips through the cracks.

  1. Our Reading Program uses three comprehensive strategies:
  2. Classroom Instruction — teaching step-by-step skills beginning with letter sounds and leading to reading chapter books
  3. Library — time devoted to checking out books, listening to stories, and eventually learning to do research
  4. Reading Tutoring — one-on-one assistance for children who are struggling to learn to read


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A key to Lumin Education’s success is our emphasis on emotional well-being.  The Playtimes Program addresses emotional stresses that can manifest themselves in poor academic performance, social withdrawal, or violent behavior. The Playtimes Program uses group or individual sessions focused on helping children manage emotional and/or behavior problems.


Programs Logos - Summer School

Summer School Program

The Summer School Program is designed to be a supportive and enjoyable environment where our students can make steady progress in their academic ability. The program complements the Lumin Education school-year programs by reinforcing skills and strategies previously taught and giving additional practice and instruction.


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After- and Before-school Care Program

The After- and Before-school Care Program (or ABC) is a program targeting families who require assistance with child care while mom and dad earn a living. The goal of ABC is to provide steady, stimulating, and affordable care for Lumin Education students during the gap between parents’ work schedules and their children’s school schedules.

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