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Parent Education includes the following four components:
• Personal Visits: A trained Parent Educator is assigned to each family in the program making home visits every four to six weeks. Parent educators share age-appropriate child development information while helping moms and dads put into practice techniques for language development, exercise, discipline, and fun with their children.

• Screening: In addition to increasing parent knowledge of child development, the Parent Educators perform screenings for early identification of development delays and health, vision, and hearing problems. If developmental problems are found, families are referred to community services which specialize in the area of concern.

• Group Meetings: The parent component of the P-3 Program also includes monthly group meetings which meet at the Lumin East Dallas campus. Pediatricians, child psychologists, and other community experts lead discussions on topics including child healthcare, education, nutrition, and parenting tips. During each meeting child care is provided and a nutritious meal is served. All of the families on the waiting list for Parent Education are invited to these meetings with many clients also bringing friends and family.

• Resource Network: Parent Educators help families identify and connect with needed resources. This may include instructions on how to access resources at the local library or how to fill out “CHIP” and Medicaid applications.

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