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At Lumin Education, we “Start Young and Involve Parents” to take advantage of the window of opportunity in a child’s early brain development. We advocate for early childhood development using Montessori principles with a whole-child approach to education. We believe that for children to have the greatest success, we need to start working with them as soon as possible. We invite you to learn more about our programs.


Lumin Beginnings

Lumin Beginnings LogoWhy start now?

  • 90% of brain growth happens before kindergarten
  • Your baby’s brain doubles in size in the first year of life
  • The learning experiences of the first three years of life are the foundation for all future academic learning
  • The foundation of your baby’s future world view is established in the first few weeks of life

What do we offer?

  • Parent coaching from a Montessori child development professional
  • A book can only tell you “what,” a Parent Coach can tell you “how”
  • Knowing is not enough. Implementing what you know is what makes a difference
  • Latest information on child development and emerging executive functions
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Pregnancy to Age Three

B4Six Program LogoIn the first three years, a child learns more and at a faster pace than at any other time in life. Lumin Education takes advantage of this time through a commitment to Parent Education and Infant/Toddler Classrooms.

View Our Pregnancy to Age Three Program Page

Primary Classes for Children (ages 3-5)

Lumin Education’s Primary Montessori classrooms are designed to inspire children to take initiative, make choices, and learn through hands-on experiences. Preschoolers and Kindergarten-age children use specifically-designed materials to begin to write words and sentences, build math skills, and learn the names of countries.


Elementary Program (ages 6-9)

Following the Montessori approach to education, students advance from Primary Classes to multi-age Elementary Classrooms. Our Elementary Classrooms are designed for students ages 6-9 and encourage leadership development, active learning, and exploration of the world outside the classroom.

Elementary students exercise independence by creating their own paths to learning, making use of language and communication, engaging in advanced hands-on projects, and researching everything from planets and volcanoes to sports stars and insects.

Elementary students exercise independence by creating their own paths to learning, making use of language and communication, engaging in advanced hands-on projects, and researching everything from planets and volcanoes to sports stars and insects.

Students also remain with their same teaching team for three consecutive years. This is intentional so that the instruction and guidance a student receives is based on long-term relationships and an intimate knowledge of his or her strengths and weaknesses.

The Elementary Classroom environment fosters a natural yearning to learn, allows for natural curiosity to take place, and sets a foundation for kind, loving, and respectful behaviors and relationships.


Special Assistance

At Lumin Education, we believe that tutoring or specialized assistance can be an important ingredient in ensuring a child’s learning success. Lumin Education provides tutors for: science, math, and reading, as well as speech therapy or other specialized instruction.

Reading Program
At Lumin Education, we believe that reading is fundamental to learning. Our Reading Program includes a comprehensive approach to reading to ensure that no student falls behind. Our Reading Program uses three strategies to achieve this:

  • Classroom Instruction: Teaching step-by-step skills beginning with letter sounds, leading to reading chapter books
  • Library: Time devoted to checking out books, listening to stories, and eventually learning to do research
  • Reading Tutor: One-on-One assistance for students who are struggling to learn to read

Play Times

A key to our students’ success is the emphasis on emotional well-being. Children may face many challenges in their growing years, some being adverse childhood experiences, which may be traumatic. A child may also be adversely affected by the birth of a sibling, separation from parents, and the death of a parent or grandparent.   Any of these stresses may then manifest themselves in poor academic performance, social withdrawal, or other challenging or disruptive behaviors.

Our playtimes program addresses these emotional stresses through the relationship with an interested, empathetic, and specially trained adult who utilizes evidence based strategies. During playtimes children have the opportunity to communicate their feelings and concerns, both verbally through talk and non-verbally through play, in a safe and supportive environment. As children explore and express feelings about themselves and others, as well as their experiences, they begin to accept themselves and their feelings more fully and grow in genuine self-esteem. As more positive ways of dealing with the demands of school emerge, some of the maladaptive behaviors begin to lessen and children are better able to succeed in school.


Summer School Program

Our Summer School Program is designed to be a supportive and enjoyable learning environment where students make steady progress in their academic abilities. The Program complements the Lumin Education school-year by reinforcing skills and strategies previously taught, giving students additional practice and instruction where needed.


After and Before School Care

The Lumin Education After and Before School Care Program (ABC) is designed to support families that require assistance with child care. The goal of our ABC Program is to provide steady, stimulating, and affordable care for students during the gap between school and parent work schedules.

Our ABC Program offers opportunities for active play, social engagement, learning, and exploration.


Fatherhood Initiative

At Lumin Education, we know the importance of “Starting Young” and “Involving Parents,” and we understand how impactful interactions between children and their parents can be.

Implemented in 2011, our Fatherhood Initiative encourages fathers to get involved and engaged in the lives of their children. We provide fathers and families with tools and resources to prepare their children for school, normalize work-life balance, and how to effectively communicate with their spouses.

For more information or to learn more about Lumin Education’s Fatherhood Initiative, please contact Jonathan Avila at Jonathan.Avila@LuminEducation.org, or by phone at 214.247.6297.

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